Monday, July 9, 2012

Pinneshiri 1/7/12

Drove to Pinneshiri, which is near Mount Apoi Dake (near Cape Erimo Misaki) the other Sunday to try out this mountain. You can actually hike over from the top of Apoi Dake to the top of Pinneshiri, but we decided to start from the bottom. Unfortunately the road to the mountain (about thirty minutes from Apoi Dake) was long, windy, narrow, unmaintained and generally unmarked... The trail was unmaintained and generally unmarked as well. The views were pretty amazing, but there were a lot of bugs and a lot of breaking trail - not such a great hiking experience... In fact, we never plan on coming here again! The photos of the trail in the guidebook were a little different from what we experienced. Maybe it will get tidied up soon... Who knows?

We started the hike at 10:50AM and got up top at 12:55, so it took two hours five to get up there. Started heading down at 1:10PM and finished at 2:40, so an hour and a half for the descent.

(All the photos are from the brief moments we got out into the open! As I said before, the hike was a little rough...)


On the way up...

Unfortunately that wasn`t the summit...

This was though!

Signing out at the bottom.
Great views, but someone really needs to maintain this trail better...

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