Sunday, April 8, 2012

No-Name Peak 7/4/12

Back here again with MHM after another night in the car. LOVE IT. Started at 9:00AM and got up top at 10:30AM. The weather was generally good, but it was quite windy at the top. Lots of new snow around too so we had to break trail. However it was worth it as the ride down was AWESOME. As were the burgers at the Oakway Inn...

又ここに登って滑りました!車泊してから9時にスタートして1時間半ぐらいで上まで登りました。天気は良かったけど、上の風はちょっと強かったです。沢山雪が降ったのでラッセルしなければならなくて大変でした。でも滑りは最高でした。OAKWAY INNのバーガーも!

MHM getting started

Starting to heat up

Strapping in

MHM riding out to the road

I just had to try out the DOUBLE today.
Probably shouldn`t do it every time,
but it was GOOD.

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