Thursday, February 9, 2012

No-Name Peak 5/2/12 + FUNBE Waves 5/2/12

No-Name Peak Round FOUR. Pretty much the same deal as last week (and the week before that actually...) It was gusting pretty strongly when we got there though, so we took a while to get started - eventually getting going at about 8:45AM. We were quite well-protected hiking through the trees though, but it was DEEEEP so we had to break trail the whole way. Good workout! We hiked for about an hour before strapping in to ride. The snow was a little heavy, so it was a bit hard to get going at first, but we both got a nice line down. Just the one though, we didn`t really feel like another hike in that weather...

Bacon cheeseburger for lunch and then time for a nice surf session back in town. No photos today though...

又日曜日にNO-NAME PEAKに登りました。風が結構強かったけど、森の中のハイキングは大丈夫でした。8時45分に開始して1時間ぐらい登りました。でも雪が深かったのでラッセルしなければなりませんでした!滑りは楽しかったけど、雪がちょっと重くて最初からなかなかスピードがつかなかったです。強風なので、一回で終わりでした。せっかくラッセルしたのに。。。


MHM all covered up

MHM breaking trail

Rooster laying some tracks in the haze

Oh yeah!

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