Sunday, January 29, 2012

Winter Resolutions 7/20

Went and checked out OSANAI in OBIHIRO on Friday night for the first time. Interesting place... It has a reputation for really good yakitori (skewered chicken), but you can only order food once, which is a little unusual for Japanese-style restaurants. MHM also heard rumours the master would scold you if you wasted food or didn`t order enough drinks... Maybe because of this, despite being a Friday night, we were the only customers! My main impression was that it was pretty old-school. There were no soft drinks on the menu, only alcohol or iced tea, and there was nothing but chicken to eat. It seemed a slightly better idea to go there just for a drink, rather than for dinner - we kinda had a chicken overload. The servings were really big too. AND, being our first time, we ordered too much! Will probably go back, maybe not straightaway though...

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