Sunday, January 8, 2012

No-Name Peak 8/1/12

Out to No-Name Peak with MHM today for our first backcountry hike of the season, and it was BLUEBIRD. Clear skies, no wind and it wasn`t even that cold - the snow was pretty good too! It took us one hour twenty to reach the top, and fortunately there was a nice trail still intact from the day before, so the hike wasn`t too bad. Seeing as I almost never climb mountains in the summer, I felt pretty good after such a long break, even with the heavy pack and board strapped to my back. I was also pretty happy with the snowboarding, as the ride down was... well... AWESOME... The powder was UNREAL!

日曜日にNO-NAME PEAKで今シーズンの初バックカントリーでした。ハイクは1時間20分だけど、滑りは。。。もっと早かったです(笑)天気と雪が最高なので山にいれて凄く気持ち良かったです。やっぱり北海道大好きです!

MHM starting the climb



Man, MHM always tends to be in the lead...

Getting ready to ride!

Rooster on the way down

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