Sunday, January 29, 2012

No-Name Peak 28/1/12 + FUNBE Waves 28/1/12

Back to No-Name Peak with MHM on Saturday morning after another night in the car... Chilly. First on the mountain though at about 8:40am, except it was COLD today. Windy too. Just hard to get started... but we did... Didn`t go all the way to the top today, as the last ridge (about twenty minutes of hiking) looked a little gnarly. So after an hour or so we strapped in to ride, and it was a pretty sweet ride too - the powder was NICE.

After lunch at Oakway again, we headed home and went straight out to hit the surf. Well I did anyway, snowboarding was enough for MHM and she was happy to just take photos from the car. The waves were pretty sweet though, and it was just me out there as well. Gotta love winter surfing in Hokkaido. Of course, being able to surf and snowboard in the same day is even better!

車泊してから土曜日に又MHMとNO-NAME PEAKに行きました。でも風もあって結構寒かったです。8時40分に開始して1時間ぐらい登りました。最後の尾根は風が強そうだったので上までは行かなかったです。殆ど頂上だったので仕方がないですね。パウダーは勿論良くて滑りは最高でした。バックカントリー大好きです!


MHM on the way UP

Getting closer...

Rooster getting some turns!

BBQ Chicken Sandwich - ALL GOOD!

Back home and then straight out to check the surf

SWITCH-STANCE for 2012. It`s on!

Too much fun!

The biggest wave of the session and I end up hitting it backside...
Sweet ride though!

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