Sunday, January 22, 2012

No-Name Peak 21/1/12

Back to No-Name Peak on Saturday with MHM after sleeping in the car Friday night. Started the hike at 8:40 and got up top about 10:00AM. The sky was grey, but there was no wind and it wasn`t that cold either. Not much new snow recently, so the hike was easy and there was also a nice snowshoe trail still intact to cruise up. At the same time, the sun came out just as we were strapping in to ride and we still got untouched powder all the way down. Couldn`t get crazy sprays, but it was still really fun!

金曜日の晩に車伯してから土曜日に又NO-NAME PEAKに登りました。8時40分に始めて頂上まで1時間20分ぐらいかかりました。天気は曇っていたけど風がなくてあまり寒くなかったです。実は滑る準備してた時晴れてきました!最近雪があまり降ってないみたいだったけど、それでもパウダーで楽しく滑りました!土曜日の晩新年会があったので、1回やって終わりました。来週末も楽しみです!




MHM at the top

Rooster on the way DOWN!

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