Sunday, December 5, 2010

One-Point English Lesson #14 - SURF

I got WORKED (ワークドゥ) today.

WORKED OVERというのは直訳するとボコボコに殴ってやったという意味があります。普通の方言やサーフィンではよくWORKEDに省略します。POUNDEDと同じような意味で波に巻かれたときに使います。


b.m.t. said...

Like the "one point eigo". I might work that in with more nihongo on my blog. A good goal for 2011. Work it!!

p.s. Good to finally meet you, brah. Thanks for hunting me down the other day.

Rooster said...

We`ll have to hook up this season for sure. At BEER Mountain!