Saturday, October 16, 2010

CANADA Homestay Trip 2010

Just went on the local high school`s homestay trip to Brooks, Alberta in Canada. Check out the photos below, and click on the links for more info.

At the Canada Olympic Park in Calgary. I like podiums. Man, the world needs more podiums.

Photo by S.K.

Alberta Steaks. GOOD.

At the Dinosaur Provincial Park. It`s so flat around Brooks, then all of a sudden everything just drops away. Pretty cool scenery.

Photo by A.G-B.

Brooks Composite High School colours. GOOD.

At Brooks City Hall

Photo by S.K.

At Eastbrook Elementary School. Despite only having a population of 13,000 or so, there are over 76 different languages spoken in Brooks. This is very obvious at the schools.


Brutus with the world`s largest dinosaur in Drumheller. Not a real dinosaur incidentally.

Wings and ribs. GOOD.

Hockey. Brawl. Aftermath.

The Brooks Bandits lost 4-3 to the Lloydminster Bobcats. Two crazy brawls though. CRAZY.

Photo by M.S.

With Jake. GOOD.

Photo by A.B.


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