Thursday, September 9, 2010

Dishes #14-19 and Book #19

Dish #14
SPAMburger. With egg, cheese and mayonnaise. Oh yeah!

Dish #15
Spam Moco. I like Spam Mocos better than Loco Mocos actually, but I knew I couldn`t get through four slices of spam and two eggs, so I cut the recipe in half. All good though.

Dish #16
Spam Musubi. I just couldn`t NOT buy the Musubi press. Definitely worth the money.

Dish #17
Hawaiian Plate Lunch Version 1 - Teriyaki Chicken. Okay, so I couldn`t do the two scoops of rice properly, but I did have this rice mould. All tasted good in the end though. The sauces (as well as the gravy below) are obviously not made from scratch - we found a foreign foods store in Asahikawa and just had to try some stuff out. Oh well...

Dish #18
Hawaiian Plate Lunch Version 2 - Mixed Plate. Slightly overcooked the chicken and the flavoured sausages didn`t match the gravy (as expected actually), but still pretty good. The chips and gravy were AWESOME.

Dish #19
Hawaiian Plate Lunch Version 3 - Sweet and Spicy Chicken. GOOD.

Book #19
The Girl with the Dragon Tatoo - Stieg Larsson
Good. Not quite what I expected though.

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