Monday, August 23, 2010

WWE RAW in TOKYO 2010!!!

Although we went to Kamakura last November, we only saw the temples and shrines around Kita-Kamakura, so after arriving in Tokyo at Thursday lunchtime on my own, I went back to Kamakura to check out some more.

Tried to take a photo of the Daibutsu, or Great Buddha, but Brutus just had to jump in. What a jerk.

...fortunately this photo worked out.

Also went to Hase-dera Temple (AKA Hase Kannon Temple), where there are a LOT of statues of Jizo, the patron saint of the souls of departed children.

On Friday I also checked out the Meiji-jingu Shrine and Yoyogi-koen Park in Harajuku...

...before meeting MHM to check out the first night of the 2010 RAW Summerslam Tour at the Ryogoku Kokugikan, which is where they hold the big sumo tournaments in Tokyo.

Sheamus shows the WWE title to the Legend Killer Randy Orton.

Being in Japan there was a lot more wrestling than talking. Unfortunately. However The Miz did get hold of the mic... and he was AWESOME. In his own words, of course.

Chris Jericho with Yoshi Tatsu in "The Walls of Jericho". However despite Jericho being a Heel, and Yoshi Tatsu being Japanese (not to mention a Face) he did not have overwhelming support. In fact, it was hard to tell who was more popular - the fans were definitely split. Jericho was even doing really heelish things, yet the crowd still kept cheering for him. It was AWESOME.

THE MAIN EVENT. The Nexus (well two of them anyway - Wade Barrett and David Otunga) were all over John Cena from the get-go, and he couldn`t tag in The Big Show for the longest time...

It worked out in the end though, and John Cena put the Attitude Adjustment (AKA the F.U.) on Wade Barrett to win. A couple of times in fact.

On Saturday we did the trek to Nikko, and checked out the Tosho-gu Shrine. The "hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil" monkeys were smaller than expected. But isn`t that always the case?!

We also checked out the Rinno-ji Temple, the Futara-san-jinja Shrine and the Taiyuin-byo Shrine. We did see the Shin-kyo Bridge too - passing by from the bus though, we ran out of time!

Nikko Beer was pretty good. However the service at the restaurant we went to (the one right beside the bus stop at Rinno-ji Temple) was LOUSY!!!

On Sunday we went to Yokohama, and checked out Yokohama Cosmo World. We did the ferris wheel first, and as there were two cars on the wheel that were completely glass, we had to get on one of them...

Kinda freaky though!!!

There was a roller coaster that went through the log flume pool too...

So we did that as well. And it was COOL.

We also went and chilled out (if that was possible, it was about 35 degrees Celcius) in Yamashita-koen Park. Fortunately there was no disruptive behaviour... Like soccer. Hah, this park was AWESOME!


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