Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Dishes #10-13 and Book #18

Dish #10
Mexican Pilaf. This wasn`t made from scratch. It was actually a recipe off the back of a pasta sauce packet and looked interesting. It wasn`t really though...

Dish #11
Spam and Pineapple Pizza. Although I have made pizza from scratch many times, it was the first time to make it with SPAM... AND it was good!

Dish #12
Loco Moco. This wasn`t made from scratch either - had to use instant gravy sauce (very hard to find in Japan too). Didn`t end up having an authentic Loco Moco while in Hawaii, so I don`t know how this compares. Good though, and filling.

Dish #13
Tacos. I`m sure I`ve never made tacos before. Although I like the taste, I find them messy and the hard shells easy to break, so I tend to avoid them. Despite that, these were good. May not make them again soon though...

Book #18
The White Tiger - Aravind Adiga

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