Sunday, July 11, 2010

Our HAWAIIAN Wedding PARTY 2010!

We stayed at the Sheraton Waikiki. Room #1744. This was our bedroom...

It had it`s own private balcony too, with a view of Diamond Head...

A decent sized bathroom too...

And a living room even, with the main balcony...

...which also looked straight at Diamond Head. We obviously got upgraded as we were having our wedding party here too! I definitely rate getting a SUITE!!! (Photo MHM).

This was the view looking back from the top of Diamond Head. Being a short hike there were a LOT of people - the views were great though!

Brutus and our wedding cake. I prefer to think of it as my birthday cake (our wedding party was on my birthday!), but my wife probably disagrees... (Photo Jayson Tanega).

On Waikiki Beach. Even at 7pm there were still a lot of people out. We did manage to get some free sand to take wedding photos on though! (Photo Jayson Tanega).

We went to the Makapu`u Tide Pools the next day. Had to trek up the road in the hot sun (wasn`t that long, but seemed it at the time), then scramble down the rocks to get to them. Felt much harder than it really was...

Bodyboarders ripping the shorebreak at Sandy Beach. Man, this ain`t for me... (Photo MHM).

China Walls. Now this was a cool break. Would love to have gotten in, but we were just passing through. (We did all our surfing at Waikiki.)

Spam and Cheese Omelet from Boots and Kimo`s. I. LOVE. SPAM.

Giovanni`s Shrimp Truck. Not a big fan of shrimp normally, but this was really good! (Photo MHM).

Banzai Pipeline! Flat in summer though... (Photo Hawaiian PUNCH).

Waimea Bay! Also flat in summer... However jumping off the rocks was COOL.

Rooster getting some air time. (Photo MHM).

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