Saturday, June 5, 2010

Books #15-17

Book #15
A Ride in the Neon Sun - Josie Dew
Japan 101. Made me want to ride around Okinawa. Not sure about the rest of Japan though. Liked this quote too.
"Usually, in days gone by, mention a museum and my eyes would rapidly glaze over and... zzzzzzzz would tend to be my automatic reaction. But lately, as age creeps up through my bones, I find myself being drawn involuntarily towards a museum for no other reason than a genuine interest to see what`s on show behind the doors. And more often than not I come away having actually enjoyed myself. It`s a bit worrying" (p. 232).

She should be worried.

Book #16
Mr Commitment - Mike Gayle
"Bridget Jones for the boys". I should have ditched this the minute I saw that on the back cover.

Book #17
The Reader - Bernhard Schlink

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