Sunday, April 11, 2010

Ski Day 8 - Sun Victory Peak Round THREE

Went to Steak Victoria when I first came to Japan, and for some reason didn`t particularly like it. We just rediscovered it though and went there again on Friday night - pretty good this time around. Don`t actually eat that much red meat, so it did feel a little heavy afterwards...

Started the hike with MHM at 6:50AM on Saturday morning. Finally got one going early!

MHM leading the way...

I slipped a lot on the way up, and it was pretty windy too... I did manage to smile in this photo though! (Photo by MHM).

We got up top in an hour forty-five. Unfortunately the snow was a little sticky, so it wasn`t the best run of the season... Just the one hike today. (Photo by MHM).


tsuxu said...

こんにちは いい笑顔!!
そちらは荒天でたいへんでしたね  ^^v

Rooster said...