Monday, April 5, 2010

Ski Day 7 - Sun Victory Peak Round TWO

Camped out as usual with MHM and got the hike going here at 8:30AM on Saturday morning. The climb wasn`t that hard, as there didn`t seem to be much new snow, but it took me forever to warm into it! TOUGH. Took an hour and three quarters to get up top, and fortunately the snow turned out to be quite rippable. The skiing felt good too. Much more confident than last week. Unfortunately the visibility was pretty average, and with not so many trees here none of the photos from the first run really turned out!

MHM leading the way... to start with!

So we had to hike again! I managed to find my rhythm and we got back up in about fifty minutes.

MHM following on behind this time.

The second run felt GOOD. (Photo by MHM.)

MHM scoring some turns too.

And some more by the Rooster. (Photo by MHM.)

Another good day... the mountains. But man, am I grinning like an idiot in this shot! (Photo by MHM.)


tsuxu said...

スキーでもスプレー! いいですね!
滑りもいい感じで楽しそう  ^^v

Rooster said...