Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Ski Day 6 - Sun Victory Peak Round ONE

Camped out as usual with MHM and got the hike started at around 9am on Saturday morning. Finally got the chance to hit Sun Victory Peak, as I really wanted to try it on skis, since there aren`t too many trees to deal with! The hike took about an hour and a half to get to the top. Not too bad in ski boots, as long as I was heading straight up. When we zig-zagged my boots would slip around in the snowshoes though. Bit frustrating! (Photo by MHM.)

Brutus came too. That guy has his shirt off even in the backcountry. Crazy!

MHM on the way down. The POW was pretty nice!

This makes me look way better than I actually am. You can`t see the gritted teeth and the pained expression for a start... Did okay though. (Photo by MHM.)

And we had to hike again! Took about 40 minutes to get back up second time round.

Almost there. (Photo by MHM.)

MHM getting some turns!

A good day in the mountains. (Photo by MHM.)


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