Tuesday, March 23, 2010

KD Round Eight

Camped out as usual with MH and met Ota-san for the 8:20am gondola up the mountain on Saturday morning. The ski area was COVERED in fresh snow, but we gave that a miss today, as the weather was meant to pack up in the afternoon and we wanted to get going early. Started hiking at 9:30. Bit hard going as the winds were gusting. Snow was pretty deep too.

Ota-san breaking trail with MH just behind.

Quite amazing timing really - we stopped hiking after about an hour ten as the visibility was PRETTY average above the tree line. Took our time deciding where we were going to ride... dug our snow pits... and then... the wind dropped and the clouds lifted completely.

The snow was a little heavy, but I didn`t care. The riding was AWESOME!!! (Photo by MH.)

Ota-san getting triple overhead.

MH and Ota-san. All smiles.

As was I! (Photo by MH.)

So we had to go back up again. This time it took about an hour.

We rode a different line second time around, and it was GOOD.

MH though so too!

(Of course, the weather did pack up and there was nothing happening in the mountains Sunday and Monday. Long weekend too. Downer. Oh well, at least Saturday was good!)


VancityAllie said...

Damn that looks AMAZING! Can't wait for my catboarding trip wheeee!

Rooster said...

It was good. Getting a ride up in a snowcat would be even better!