Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Ski Day 3 - Powder at FURANO

It snowed again, so it was another cosy night in the car on Friday and out early to Furano with MH on Saturday. We had a feeling we were going to score powder here, and we were right. It was DEEP. On the skis again and everything was feeling great. Particularly the first run from the top of the gondola. Felt incredible, like I had been doing it for years! After that, of course, it got more and more tracked and bumpy and my technique slowly started to deteriorate, but that first run was just MAGIC. Could totally take it to the backcountry. No rush though...

We skiied Kitanomine in the morning and then the Furano side in the afternoon. Lots of powder. When did they stop grooming it so much?!

Sapporo CLASSIC. Another beer I have no problems with. Especially after an AWESOME day skiing!

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