Monday, February 8, 2010

Secret Spot 25B Round Two

Met MH`s MIXI friends for a 9am start here on Sunday morning. A bit late, but it did mean we could hike in someone else`s tracks. No complaints there! Through the trees was easy, but once we got out of them the wind started to make its presence felt. Didn`t take so long to get on top though, only about two hours twenty this time.

MH, Ota-san and Kaorin on the way up.

The riding started off DEEEEEEP but quickly changed to being wind-swept and bumpy. NOT GOOD! The stability was also a concern, but nothing eventuated there fortunately.

MH on the way down.

Again, pumped to get OFF the mountain.

Not such a great weekend. The powder was there, but the weather just wasn`t cooperating...


VancityAllie said...

That's it! I've had enough of you and your powder ;)


Rooster said...

But it wasn`t really that good!!!