Sunday, February 14, 2010

Secret Spot 25B Round Three!!!

Started the hike at 8:15AM on Saturday morning after an uncomfortable night in the car - sometimes I sleep well, sometimes I don`t. What can you do?!

A big group of snowboarders must have come through here on Thursday, which was a national holiday, because there was a solid trail through the trees. Made for an easy hike.

Blue skies. Fresh powder. Definitely looked promising. (Photo by MH.)

Took two hours thirty to reach the top. MH was stoked!

There were faint lines in the bowl, but nothing to worry about. MH had no complaints either - deep and light!

I was cool with it too!

(Riding by the Rooster. Photo by MH.)

After one UNREAL run, we HAD to hike back up again. Started at 11:45AM and got up in about fifty minutes. It had clouded over a bit, but the second run turned out as good as the first.


(Riding by the Rooster. Photo by MH.)

And then... back home. I had just gotten over a cold, so we decided not to push it and stay at home on Sunday. Always good to sleep in a real bed! Probably missed out on some turns though...

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