Monday, February 22, 2010

Secret Spot 25B Round FOUR

Back here on Saturday morning with MH for an 8:00 AM start.

Just a random tree on the way up that looked cool.

Blue skies. Fresh powder. Definitely looked promising. Hold on, wasn`t that week?! (Photo by MH.)

Took two hours fifty to get to the top. The climb through the trees was tough though, and I slipped a lot on the way up. Frustrating!

I dug the snow pit, while MH analysed the snow crystals. We gave it a green light for riding!

MH on the way down.

The powder was AWESOME, so we had to climb again. However the trail beside the bowl from last week was gone, so the second climb was tough as well. We gave it our best shot for an hour and a half, and then... we just gave up. Neither of us wanted to keep breaking trail! However we were quite close to the top, so we did get another great run. I was definitely happy with this turn! (Photo by MH.)

We were totally bagged at the end though, and with MH`s MIXI friends doing other things on Sunday, we got lazy and headed home. We also didn`t want to sleep in the car Saturday night as well...

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