Monday, February 8, 2010

KD Round Seven!

Back to KD (finally - they were two weeks late in reopening) with MH and was pretty pumped for the hike on Saturday morning, even if it was a little frigid sleeping in the car the night before. Rode the 8am gondola up with blue skies and hardly any wind, but that turned to cloud as we started to hike. (Photo by MH).

Still pumped.

The hike wasn`t too hard at first, as they had ploughed the flatter section under the chairlift relatively recently. However once it got steeper it all turned to DEEP SNOW. Hard going. At about the same point, the wind and snow started to pick up and everything got quite grim. We kept going and got to the top of the chairlift in about one hour ten, but only climbed for twenty minutes above that before deciding to strap in and ride back down. It was getting nasty, so it was an easy decision to make! Unfortunately our tenth BC line for the season here wasn`t that great. It was really cold, and our boards weren`t sliding properly. Need colder wax!

Me at the end. Pumped to be getting OFF the mountain!!!
(Photo by MH).

Went to stay with MH`s family on Saturday night, so it was nice to have Genghis Khan for dinner and a warm bed to sleep in. Up at 5am the next day though...

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