Thursday, January 28, 2010

NZ-Nara-Kyoto TRIP 2010

I saw plenty of nice things back home, but this would have to be the best. Speights Summit - now that`s a beer I can feel comfortable with.

I spent two days in Nara, which is close by Osaka and Kyoto, on the way back to Hokkaido. Lots of deer. Seriously. Everywhere.

The Great Buddha in Nara, which is housed in the largest wooden building in the world. Must need a lot of smoke detectors.

By squeezing through the hole in this column behind the Great Buddha, I am ensured of enlightenment. Apparently. Nice to be cut a break from time to time! I`m sure the double peace sign may count against me in the future though. Seriously, what was I thinking?!

I spent the last day of my holiday in Kyoto and went to Kinkakuji, or the Golden Temple. It may look serene, but I had to do some serious jostling to take my photographs. Tour groups... Even in winter...

Raked sand at Ginkakuji, or the Silver Pavilion. Seriously, not many Japanese people I know spend that much time raking sand.

Seeing as I had been in Kyoto and Nara and had seen so many important Japanese sites, I just had to go somewhere really special for dinner on my last night. So I went to the Pig and Whistle, a British bar, and had fish and chips with a Sapporo to wash it down. AWESOME!

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