Tuesday, January 5, 2010

KD Round... Six

Back to KD with MH as the weather finally cleared up here. Took the first gondola at 8am on our own, however people were lining up behind us to the ride the chairlift at 9am. There was a lot of untracked snow on the course, so we had to take a couple of warm-up laps first. It was pretty sweet too.

Then we met up with MH`s MIXI friends to hike the backcountry. It was tough though as we had to break trail, but fortunately I didn`t spend that much time at the front of the group!

Ota and Tsu-san way out front.

Kaorin and MH trying to catch up.

We got up above the cornice in about an hour and a half again, but decided not to go all the way to the peak. Some people had cruised all the way up in our footsteps and had just passed us. Again, we didn`t want the chance of riding through other people`s tracks. Didn`t matter though as the line down from where we were was pretty good! You`ll have to wait to see the footage though...

What is it with Japanese chicks and poses?! Guess MH had a good one...

...I felt pretty good too though. (Photo by MH.)

After the first run MH and I left the others and hiked back up for a second one, which again resulted in some pretty solid turns!

(Riding by the Rooster. Photo by MH.)

RoosterCAST Episode 24 Coming... Soon... Maybe...


VancityAllie said...

Nice to see some snow photos on your blog! (even though I love the surf ones too)

I really wish I had had a chance to snowboard while I was in Japan, but it was October and I don't think anything was going on.

I hope to make it back there one year soon :)

Rooster said...

Thanks! Might be some surf photos coming soon though. Just bought a new winter wetsuit!