Thursday, January 28, 2010

Back to the SNOW!

After a cosy sleep in the car, we got out to Furano Dake early on Sunday morning to meet up with MH`s MIXI friends.

MH crossing the river at the start. I did my best to distract her, but she made it across without getting wet.

The snow was looking pretty good.

MH testing the stability, with Tsu-san looking on. She gave us the green light.

Ota-san on the way up.

We hiked for three hours, strapped in, re-assessed, then hiked some more. It was tough. Not that steep, but just a long climb in deeeeep snow. Although the powder was unreal, there were too many bushes sticking through, and we also ended up choosing a really bad line down. Turned out to be quite a frustrating day. Really want to spend more time here this season, think I`ll leave it until March though.

Ota-san riding. Unfortunately it was hard to get any good shots today. This was the best I had.

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