Monday, December 28, 2009

KD Round Five

Back on Sunday for another shot at KD. It had dumped AGAIN and this time there was no wind! Today we took three warm-up runs through the course, and it was ALL GOOD!

(Riding by the Rooster. Photo by MH.)

We then linked up with MH`s MIXI friends before hitting the backcountry.

Ota-san leading the way.

Kaorin, MH and Tsu-san bringing up the rear.

Just a random tree, which I thought looked cool at the time.

Anyway, we hiked for an hour twenty the first time round. Fortunately six people had packed down the trail before us, so it wasn`t as tough as on Friday. However when we heard them dropping off the peak, we decided to quit just above the cornice and find our own fresh tracks...

...and we got them! Like MH in this photo here. Stoked as I finally managed to get a good shot of her in the POW. The snow was just so light! Of course, following that we just HAD to climb a second time. MH and I left the others and hiked about 35 minutes for a good second run, although by this stage it was getting a little misty. AND right at the bottom I landed in a big hole as I couldn`t make out the terrain very well. Kinda hurt. Couldn`t dampen the mood though - what a weekend of POW!!!

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