Monday, December 28, 2009

Christmas at KD!!!

In the usual accommodation, even on Christmas Eve - if only the timing could have worked out better. BUT I still got to open presents on Christmas morning, as did MH. We were in our winter sleeping bags in the car at a rest stop somewhere in the mountains though!

Fortunately we got POW for Christmas too! It had dumped here, and they had only groomed the bare minimum of the ski area, so we took two warm-up runs, which were AWESOME. Even better as Christmas Day is a normal work day in Japan so no one else was even here!

(Riding by the Rooster. Photo by MH.)

Then we started hiking. Only one person had gone up before us and the snow was DEEP, so the climb was tough. Our pace wasn`t that bad though, and we hiked up just below the cornice in fifty minutes or so. The ride down was SWEET, so we hiked back up in about forty minutes for a second run. That one wasn`t bad either!

(Riding by the Rooster. Photo by MH.)

Fortunately we got to stay in a house instead of a car for the next two nights. We didn`t get turkey for Christmas dinner, but sukiyaki is still pretty good!

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