Sunday, November 8, 2009

52 Dishes in 2009 #35-43

#35 Sausage Casserole. I should have stirred the pasta in with the sauce, instead of trying to layer it. Looks kinda funny. Tasted GOOD though.

#36 Chicken and Tomato Pasta. Simple but GOOD.

#37 Chili Burrito. Again simple but GOOD.

#38 Breakfast Casserole. This was actually my second time to make this. Definitely a good idea to make it the night before, then refrigerate it before heating it up when you want to eat it - otherwise it doesn`t hold together that well. I also checked the comments at the bottom of the recipe and toasted the bread second time round, which definitely stopped it turning out so soggy. A potato base would probably be even better though...

#39 Mango and Pork Fried Rice. Not bad.

#40 Minestrone. Way better than what the school lunch centre in town turns out.

#41 Potato Lasagna. Cooked the potatoes in the microwave for five minutes beforehand, as comments on other recipes complained of the potatoes being underdone. Turned out pretty good.

#42 Potato Fried Egg. Another one that`s simple but tastes REALLY good.

#43 Beef and Potato Mousakka. I actually used ground chicken instead of beef. Also added eggplant (from our garden!), as well as a bunch of herbs and spices. It turned out okay, but I didn`t really go for the yogurt topping. MH seemed to like it though.

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