Saturday, October 24, 2009

Back in the Ocean

We had no waves here for (what seemed like) the LONGEST time. It was rough! The sunrises were nice though... This was last Tuesday.

Fortunately this Monday they came back - and they were BIG. I only had about thirty minutes after work before it got dark, and I ended up catching just the one (on the bodyboard for a change). At the time it SEEMED like the longest left-hander I`ve ever caught here - I was probably just excited to be back in the ocean...

WEDNESDAY MORNING. I didn`t think I was going to ride this one out to the end, but fortunately I managed to sneak through before the wave broke. Nice! (Photo by MH)

THURSDAY MORNING. Makes going to work so much easier! Unfortunately for MH though, she doesn`t quite have time to surf before work anymore... (Photo by MH)

FRIDAY MORNING. Back on the bodyboard again. ALL GOOD. (Photo by MH)


VancityAllie said...

Nice rides. That's a beautiful shot of the ocean there in your first photo.

Makes me miss Japan! :)

I went surfing a week ago as well... had a great time. Waves were good. Too bad I won't be able to go back for another month or so :(

(it's a 5 hour trip to the ocean for us... 2 hour ferry + 3 hours driving)

Rooster said...

Five hours is tough! I have to do a lot of driving in the winter to get to the mountain though. Currently psyching myself up for it...