Friday, August 28, 2009

52 Dishes in 2009 #19-25

#19 Baked Ziti. Basically this was lasagna with different pasta... but I just wanted to make it... and it was good.

#20 Vegetable Fried Rice. Too much fried rice recently! But what can you do when there`s always left-over rice in the fridge?!

#21 Chicken Curry. Not that there is anything wrong with Japanese-style curry and rice, but this was so much better!

#22 Pizza. This was the first time to make my own base and sauce. DEFINITELY worth it.

#23 Kimchi Stew. This was actually my fourth shot at Korean cooking, not my third, but there was a lost attempt I didn`t post about it (I really should have, in retrospect). Basically I followed the recipe exactly, and being Korean cooking it turned out at 4000 degrees celcius. A little too hot for me, and definitely too hot for MH. This time I toned it down, and it turned out pretty good - the colour wasn`t quite as red as the original though!

#24 Beef Fried Rice. I added pineapple and cashew nuts as well.

#25 Macaroni and Cheese. This wasn`t the first time I have made this, but the second. I think it was the second time I have ever eaten Macaroni and Cheese as well - it that even possible?! Not quite as easy as Hot Dog Fried Rice, but getting close. The tomatoes were from our garden.

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VancityAllie said...

Mmmmmmmm... those look delicious!