Thursday, July 16, 2009

52 Dishes in 2009 #4-8

#4 Quesadillas. Chicken, ham, cheese and pineapple. Wasn`t so sure about the pineapple and the chilli sauce, but MH seemed to like it.

#5 Coney Island Fries or Chili Cheese Fries. AWESOME!

#6 Philly Cheesesteak and a Pizza Steak. I haven`t eaten steak in so long. Man, this was good. Need to get softer bread though...

#7 Chicken Enchiladas. All good.

#8 Croque Hawaii. I`ve made a bunch of these and all their variations recently, but this was the first time to make the Mornay sauce. Worth it too.

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Paul said...

Hi! stoked on your blog. I'm from Dunedin also and my partner and i are keen to go to hokkaido to work/board/surf!! i'm a high school teacher and she is a nurse. We're both 23 ....... what are the job possibilities??


Paul Davidson