Friday, July 10, 2009

52 Dishes in 2009 #2-3

I tried to read 52 books in 2008, but came up short at 43. Oh well, reading is for losers anyway. That came straight from my high school P.E. teacher even, who told my class that books will get you nowhere - and he HAS to be right. So instead I will cook 52 new and unusual dishes from scratch in 2009. Of course, it`s already July. Better get a move on.

#2 Coney Island Hot Dogs. Seeing as I have never been to Coney Island or had a Coney Island Hot Dog before, I can`t quite say if they were even close to being authentic... they tasted pretty good though.

#3 Tandoori Chicken. This actually turned up on the school lunch menu this past week, but I decided I could do better. No turmeric though, so I didn`t quite get the orange colouring. On to that for next time.

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