Saturday, June 27, 2009


Finally it`s starting to heat up! Although the waves have been good recently, the cool, rainy weather has been a real drag. I think it rained every weekend for the last month... or more... Downer.

Anyway Wednesday afternoon was a bodyboard session. The ocean still hadn`t settled down though, and it seemed like I spent most of my time paddling just to stay (remotely) in position. The waves were big and gave up some long rides, but were really bumpy at the same time. Just shell-shocked afterwards. Thursday and Friday evenings it was back on the longboard. The waves were a little smaller, but were really clean. Good times! Friday morning I went out to watch MH. Unbelievable that three sessions ago she could only ride straightahead in the whitewash, but now she`s dropping waves like the one below. Awesome!

Mr K. Watanabe in the Wednesday afternoon sun
Photo - Rooster

MH can surf!!!
Photo - Rooster

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