Monday, May 11, 2009

Sunday Afternoon SURF!

Nothing better when there are solid, clean waves and only a handful of people out. Awesome! Still kinda cold, but I did lose the hood for the first time though. MH was making her debut for the year too, but in these conditions I had to ask her to take a couple of photos first. Usually for my first wave of ANY session I get a rush of blood and take the first one that comes along (which is usually the worst wave of the day). However this time I did okay! The waves were SO clean and SO easy to ride, and they just kept getting bigger too, ranging from chest to slightly over head-high. Got a good mix of lefts and rights and couldn`t really put a foot wrong. Too much fun! As for MH she spent a lot of time paddling, or recovering from paddling, or getting caught on the inside, or recovering from getting caught on the inside! She did catch a couple of waves though (some fairly solid ones too) so it was all good. She was pretty thrashed at the end though!

Surfer - Rooster
Photo - MH


konnichiwa.japan said...

Hey there Rooster,

Happened across your blog for the first time today. Nice to find a fellow Hokkaido surfer. I'm located down here in Muroran, from your posts I'm guessing you must be farther north.
Next week I'm going to be showing surf writer Chris Nelson and surf photographer John Callahan around Hokkaido as they research for Chris's upcoming book Cold Water Souls. We're planning to spend the 19th to 22nd around Niseko, Otaru, Muroran and Tomakomai, then head up to Asahikawa and the North East or West coasts depending on the swell from the 22nd to 25th. Maybe we can meet up at some point. You can see my contact info on my company's website at Hope to hear from you,


konnichiwa.japan said...


Hope you get a chance to check your comments in time... we're planning to surf around your area this Sat, May 23rd. Maybe we can meet up. My mobile number is 090-6210-8779. Evan