Monday, May 11, 2009

Golden Week

Bit of a low-key holiday period. Got one session in the ocean for about an hour on the eve of the first national holiday (Tuesday the 28th). On the bodyboard for a change. Caught some really nice waves straight up, but I guess the legs didn`t have much kick in them as my feet started to cramp up and I was missing too many by the end. Fun at the start though.

Went to Asahikawa with MH during the break, and didn`t do much there except eat and sit in the sun. And visit a bunch of second-hand shops. Not a bad time though. Did hit up Furano on Wednesday the 6th for Closing Day. The top section of the mountain was in pretty good shape and we got some nice runs in. It did feel like an oven though. Lucky I was wearing shorts! Slightly disappointing season all round though. Just too many issues keeping me off the resort or the mountain. Haven`t counted the number of days I`ve strapped in since I did 107 the year I lived in Iwanai - unfortunately the number was low enough that I could work it out in my head this season. Downer. Still I did get my share of powder. I always get my share of powder!

Back on the 7-3 for a session the day after the holidays finished (Thursday the 7th). In for about an hour. The waves were okay, but just really unpredictable. Bit frustrating.

Bit weird going from my jandals to my ski boots...

MH in the snow.

Down the bottom was a BIT dodgy though...

Cherry blossoms on the way home. Nice.

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