Wednesday, April 1, 2009


Sunday the 29th we were back and forth between the options on the Sun Victory Mountain Pass for what seemed like forever, before finally deciding to hit the Sun Victory Peak for the second time this season. The snowboarders already snow-shoeing up sealed it for us - we really didn`t want to break trail, especially with FRESH POWDER! However yet again I took forever to find my rhythm and didn`t really enjoy the hike much at all. It was also cold - I used to thrive in cold weather, but now I can`t say I think much of it. Probably my fault though, as I had several lapses of judgement as we were gearing up. Took two hours ten to get up top, and today had the kind of conditions where climbing twice was a must, and three times a definite option. I could only manage it once. What a loser... Still the line down was truly awesome.

Got out for a surf on Tuesday the 31st too. The waves were good, but the three week break between sessions was a set-back. Gooood upper-body workout...

MH is always chipper on the way up, the cameraman was not...
Photo - Rooster

This one turn made it all worth it...
Rider - Rooster
Photo - MH

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