Monday, April 13, 2009


Planned to get in the mountains both Saturday and Sunday, but it just didn`t happen. With all the warm weather we were just lacking motivation. Not much chance of powder. Only scored one surf session instead though. Went out Saturday morning and there were waves, but I figured there were too many people in and I would wait until after lunch. However after lunch the waves were gone. Downer! Sunday morning I didn`t make the same mistake. Still haven`t quite got the upper body strength back and the wind kept pushing me out of position as well, so I felt like all I did was paddle. Planned to get out after 45 minutes, but I couldn`t get a wave back to shore for another thirty minutes. Frigid at the end. Tired too. The yoga mat definitely came out Monday morning...

Yeah, the waves were pretty small today. This was actually the ride back to shore though. At this point my right foot was numb. My left was not far behind.

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