Monday, March 2, 2009

Sun Victory Peak DOUBLE

MH had to work again on Saturday (what is up with that?!) so we drove out that night and crashed at our favourite rest area. We had filled up some plastic bottles with hot water and buried them in the bedding, and this just made crashing in the car too easy. TOASTY until the 6am wake-up call! Finally made the call on where we were going to ride and headed to the Sun Victory Peak. Clear skies with a bit of cloud, some wind, and really FREAKING cold - early on anyway. Started the hike at 8:17AM, but it took forever for me to get into a rhythm. About an hour maybe - breaking trail just added to the pain. Only once did I get on my hands and knees and bury my face in the snow though! However the second hour was no problem and it ended up taking two hours total to get to the top. Not bad after a break from the snowshoes. The first line down was sweet as well. Better than we expected... but we already knew it was going to be good.

After that there was no way we were going to miss a second line, especially as four snowboarders had snowshoed up afterwards and kicked our trail in good. Started the second hike at 11:17AM and got back up in 45 minutes. Felt good on this climb! The second line down was pretty nice too.

MH breaking trail
Photo - Rooster

Yeah, the conditions were okay...
Rider - Rooster
Photo - MH

Stopped for a late lunch at an okonomiyaki restaurant in Obihiro. I had Hiroshima-style okonomiyaki, which I have only eaten once in Hiroshima about nine years ago. Don`t really remember how it was back then, but it was great today!

MH ordered takoyaki, otherwise known as fried or baked octopus. Before I came to Japan I wouldn`t have touched this with a ten-foot pole. Now I think it`s pretty good.


Furano said...

As painful as it is to admit defeat in the field of geography, I've got to know... where is Sun Victory Peak?

Rooster said...

You gotta break the code bro! This one shouldn`t be too hard to work out. Some of the other ones are near impossible though...