Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Powder at Sahoro... Again...

MH had to work Saturday, but my plans for a ski session at the local hill were thwarted. Twice. It had dumped hard on Friday night, so I went out Saturday morning to hopefully get some powder. However not only had they groomed the ENTIRE hill, but the lift wasn`t operating due to strong winds. Ended up bailing after waiting a while, and figured I might get a session in Saturday evening on the way out to the mountain, except my car was acting up (fortunately it turned out to be nothing serious - the good thing about working for the local Board of Education is there`s always a friendly bus driver to help fix your car!) However by the time MH got home from work it was already a bit late and I just wasn`t feeling it anymore.

So we drove out to Sahoro (in her car obviously) and decided to crash at the rest area at the top of the mountain pass. Much closer to the resort than the one in Shimizu, but kinda cold unfortunately (both inside and out). Slept okay though. Still we got the front of the line and took the first gondola into POWDER HEAVEN. I guess the gondola was on hold all day Saturday due to winds here too, so everything was UNTOUCHED up high. We couldn`t believe how good it was! Been here three times this season, and scored all three times. Love this resort!

Ended up riding the gondola eight times to the top of the mountain and did the same run all eight times. It was just too good that we didn`t want to go anywhere else. We also didn`t want to go exploring and end up having an average run or get stuck somewhere gnarly. Awesome day, shattered at the end. Good udon for lunch too.

Did someone say double overhead?!
Rider - Rooster
Photo - MH

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