Friday, January 23, 2009

California Round Four 2009

I gotta say I love this trip. My fourth time to California in four years and all paid for by the town Board of Education. I did have to do some work, but there was plenty of time to play.

I think I`ve had my photo taken with the Golden Gate Bridge all four times. Oh well, it`s a pretty cool bridge.

Nate and Ben at Dodge Ridge. Not a bad ski resort. Not huge, but a decent size, and with some cool-looking terrain for a powder day. We had spring-like conditions despite being January though, but it wasn`t slushy or icy, so we had a fun day.

We also got to the Yosemite National Park and drove around the valley. Half Dome is pretty awesome. Unfortunately we didn`t have the time, or the gear, to climb it. Will have to come back!

There weren`t many waves in Santa Cruz the day I had there. Except at Steamer`s Lane. Unfortunately they had a competition on the go, so there were none for me. Kneeboarding though - just sounds hard.

The Santa Cruz Diner. Apparently all the waitresses are lesbians here. Unfortunately I saw no evidence. The Teriyaki Burger was pretty good - a bit messy though.

San Jose Sharks vs. the Calgary Flames. Still trying to work out what the crowd yelled when they started singing the Canadian National Anthem. Guess I`ll never know.

This was the aftermath of a fight. Hockey players seem to like fights. So does the crowd. I didn`t look away.

Would like to have gotten on the ice. The seats we had were pretty close though. Unfortunately the result wasn`t so good as the Flames won 3-2, despite the Sharks being unbeaten at home all season previously. It was inferred that this was completely my fault for just being there. I claim food poisoning.

I got into Tomamu Station at 10:45PM after a long day of travel, met up with MH, slept in the car, then got up to Sahoro to ski. The only other time I went here it was stormy and icy and only the bottom half of the mountain was open. A bad experience all round. This time the weather was perfect and I came to realise this mountain is AWESOME! Definitely back here soon. Season pass in 2010 even? Funny thing is I guess had to leave the country to notice the weird English they`ve got in Japan. I`m probably hardened to it again already, but this made me laugh.

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