Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Low-Key KD

Well we had plans for KD Saturday the 13th and The Den in the evening, but that didn`t end up working out. Just felt under the weather. Gutted. We were going to take the other route home and hit Furano on Sunday, but I gave MH the option of hiking KD with her MIXI friends while I skied the groomers solo. Some girlfriend I got - ditched me in a second! Guess she just really wants to ride pow... So while I cruised the groomers and sipped hot drinks in the lodge, she and her friends strapped on the snowshoes and got up there. Apparently it was AWESOME too...

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VancityAllie said...

Hey hey, I just saw your comment on my blog... sorry for not getting back to you for so long..

Surfing and snowboarding in Japan! Wow! I'm jealous. I had an incredible time when I was in Japan.. even made it out to Icinomiya to surf.. wish I had more time there.

Great blog!