Friday, December 5, 2008

First Hike of the Season

Saturday the 29th it was back to KD with MH for blue skies, little wind and a 170cm base - and it`s still only November! This time the hike was on and we pulled out the snowshoes and the avalanche gear and got it going. After a pretty inactive (and lame) summer the hike was really tough though. The snow was soft and I was feeling pretty weak - getting the first one out of the way was always going to be hard. Felt like MH dragged me all the way to the top! One hour twenty to the cornice, and two hours forty-five total to the summit. Slow! It hadn`t snowed the day before, but the pow was still good. A little tentative dropping off the peak, but I got the hang of things quick. Man, I love this mountain!

MH on the way up.
Photo - Rooster.

Rooster getting ready to ride.
Photo - MH.

Video - MH.

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