Wednesday, July 30, 2008

52 Books in 2008 #11-20

Book #20
Something Like A House - Sid Smith
A book about China written by a guy who`s never even been there. That`s... almost cool.

Book #19
The Fourth Hand - John Irving
Character development (or lack of) made it go a bit weird as a whole, but a funny novel nonetheless.

Book #18
The World According to Bertie - Alexander McCall Smith
Not really my scene, but it passed the time.

Book #17
The Best Japanese Science Fiction Stories
- Edited by John L. Apostolou & Martin H. Greenberg
Not all these stories struck me as science fiction, but putting that aside, there were a couple I really liked (the ones by Shinchi Hoshi), there were a couple I absolutely hated and the remainder were just okay. In general though, a pretty weird collection.

Book #16
The Quiet American - Graham Greene
I thought I had worked out the surprise twist at the end of this book before it happened. However I was wrong. There was no twist. Oh well.

Book #15
Harry Potter and the Philosopher`s Stone - J.K. Rowling
Well I figured if adults go crazy over a series of books for kids, then I probably should get around to reading one of them. It was what I expected though. A book for kids. I may not read any more in the series, but I did read one...

Book #14
Tales of the South Pacific - James A. Michener
I figured if I went to the trouble of reading the memoirs of a guy I had never heard of, I should take the time to read one of his books. Some of the stories were good, but some were really dry, especially when he wrote about military manoevures - always tended to lose me. I may not read more of Michener`s, the rest of his novels look like they average out at a thousand pages, and if it`s all small print like this one then I`m just not interested.

Book #13
Nothing is Impossible - Chistopher Reeve
Sad. Inspiring.

Book #12
Bleachers - John Grisham
Decided to check out another of Grisham`s non-law books. It was about sports too, so I figured it was all good. However it just seemed a little undeveloped (it was only 163 pages) and I didn`t end up really knowing much (or caring) about the characters once it was done.

Book #11
A Wild Sheep Chase - Haruki Murakami
Awesome. Weird, but awesome. And set in Hokkaido. With sheep. And men dressed as sheep. Can`t go wrong.

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