Saturday, June 21, 2008

The STASH... coming to New Zealand. The Remarkables, to be exact. Check out the article here. Really cool concept and I took a run through the original one at Northstar in Lake Tahoe. The day I was there had no new snow though, and hadn`t had any for a while, so navigating a tree run without any fresh powder wasn`t much fun. It would be after a big dump though!

Backcountry kickers and pow landings are good in theory, but I`ve never had a session on one that I really liked. Either there was something wrong with the run-in, the landing or the kicker itself - just never as smooth as a park jump (or maybe I`m just making excuses!) Then again park jumps can be a little unforgiving. But a park jump with an air bag? Now that would be cool. And it`s going to be at SnowPlanet in Auckland. Check out the article here.

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