Monday, April 7, 2008

Sun Victory Peak TRIPLE

Saturday the 5th it was back to the Sun Victory Peak with MH for a crack at another mountain close by. Camped out in the car with the snow falling all around us Friday night, so we woke up Saturday morning feeling very excited, especially as the weather was clear-ish at 6am. However it clouded over and the snow returned, so we went with the Sun Victory Peak after all. Didn`t exactly want to try a new mountain if the visibility was going to be questionable...

Started the first hike at 7:30 AM and felt pretty sluggish most of the way up, especially as we had to break trail. Always a slow starter, but finally got in a rhythm and we got up top in one hour eleven - which wasn`t that bad after all. The visibility dropped JUST as we strapped in, so we had to wait until a hole appeared to pick out our lines and shred. Once we got going the visibility went to crap again, but that was because the snow was AWESOME and we were getting RIDICULOUS faceshots!

Rode out the first line, and figured we should get one more before taking a break to see if the weather would clear up. Back up top in 42 minutes, which was tough as we had to break trail again - the wind and snow had covered up all our hard work from before. However we were stoked to score another sweeeeet line (once the visibility improved so we could see where we were going, that is!) Rode all the way back down over the flatter sections near the bottom and had an early lunch in the car after that.

The weather didn`t look like it was going to clear, and we could have easily bailed, having already scored two nice lines. But... we were going back home that night to keep it local on the Sunday, and thus I had to go for a third - got to make the most of the conditions! MH wasn`t interested, so it had to be solo. The trail had been well-established by now, but this hike was definitely the toughest - the gear and the board were really heavy for this one. Back up in one hour six though, and scored another sick line, this time through the trees. Awesome!

Photo - Wasn`t much of a day for photography, but there was POW!

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