Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Park, BC and Surf

Had a PTA function (which involved alcohol) just out of town Thursday night followed by the weekend`s snowboarding, so ended up sleeping three nights straight in the car. Didn`t plan it that way, but the funny thing is that after a while, it all started to feel normal!

Friday the 28th was the second night and it was in the Alpha Resort carpark with MH to get a final jib session on Saturday before the resort closes for the season (of course the spring park will be open from next week). Snow had fallen overnight but with cloud most of the day the conditions were a bit hard and icy. We had a long session hiking the box today, but as I was trying out a lot of new tricks I ended up a little frustrated by the end – not to mention sore after taking a few crashes. But it was all probably worth it... I guess...

After doing some recon late Saturday afternoon and waking up to ice on the inside of the car (that`s what you get for camping out at the top of a mountain pass) Sunday morning we hit the Sun Victory Peak for the first time. Finally managed to get out here, despite the fact that this mountain is the closest (as far as I know) place to me for backcountry riding. The sun was out, the pow was in good condition and we got the hike going at 8am. Despite the cold at first we quickly heated up and started sweating hard - which blinded me at times! Took one hour twenty to get up top and check out some AWESOME views – wonder why I had never been up here before! The ride down was good, so we climbed again (in 53 minutes), and the second ride was even better, as we stayed more in the trees where the snow was sweeeeet. Contemplated a third hike, but knew it didn`t need to be done.

Left the mountain at around 12:30 and got back into town by 3pm, and just had to check to see if there were any waves. Pretty tired by this point, but I knew if there was any action I would have to go get wet. Although I have been surfing and snowboarding on the same weekend before, I had never done it on the same day, so I definitely had to get it done once. Fortunately/unfortunately there were waves! They weren`t really that great, but I was up for a session nonetheless. Definitely early to bed Sunday night... And Monday too...

Photo - MH from the Sun Victory Peak (with the Alpha Resort in the background).

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