Monday, April 14, 2008

How to score deep powder!

It`s simple, but it may not be the most water-tight solution in the world - basically all you gotta do is listen to your girlfriend. Unfortunately, this past weekend, I didn`t. She went home to visit her family in Asahikawa and scored pow at Mae Tokachi Dake on the way back on Sunday. However I didn`t want to do so much travelling and decided to stay closer to home (well... kinda) and try the No-Name Peak.

Anyway, as I figured there wasn`t going to be any powder there (I was right too), I drove out in the morning, rather than sleeping in the car - definitely a weird sensation waking up in my own bed and still going out riding! An easy two hour twenty drive, before starting the hike at 10:30 AM. Through the trees and up the ridge to the top in one hour ten - not a hard climb at all, although I did sink through in some spots. The weather was partly cloudy to start, but it got clearer and clearer as the day went on, which was nice. Not to mention a solid snowpack and a sweet tree run down, although the snow was a bit sticky near the bottom. Could be a good backcountry option in winter too - would be better to hike up the guts and avoid the exposed ridge in that case though. Still, the views were worth it today.

Figured if I had driven all the way out here, I might as well do it twice, so hiked back up in pretty much the same amount of time. Sunnier this time round, so after eating lunch had a smooth second line down.

No waves back in town though...

Photo - Looking out at the Sun Victory Peak.


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