Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Surf and Park

A few more sessions in the ocean last weekend (Friday, Saturday and Monday), which was sweet to finally get some waves again. Still on the bodyboard to get things going for the year, but scored some really nice waves anyway. Monday was the best day for long, clean, solid rides, although Friday and Saturday weren`t bad either. Duck-diving was brutally cold, and the same for getting changed afterwards, but every once in a while you forgot what season it was and it almost felt like summer... Almost...

Sunday went back to Tomamu for another session there. They took a while to open the park (probably due to the rain in the last few days) and so we had a good session hiking the box to start, which was totally fun. Once they opened it up we started doing laps, met up with the Bombay Beefeater by chance, and rode with him and his friends for a while - cool to have different people to ride park with. After lunch our tickets were running low on time, so we had another solid session on the box to finish. No skiing, but a good weekend all up.

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