Wednesday, March 26, 2008

KD Double, spring skiing, Tomamu park and cold water surfing

Thursday the 20th was a national holiday so MH picked me up from a school farewell party Wednesday night on route to KD. Unfortunately this meant rolling into the carpark and going to sleep at 4am! Three hours of sleep later we were up to meet Dogg, Red, Hatch and co to grab the first gondola at 8am. The weather was good, the snow decent, and the hike was super-fast - getting on to the summit in 1 hour 4. Nice ride down too, although the snow wasn`t that deep today due to the sunny weather recently. The others left, MH opted out so I climbed the peak again solo. Doing the final push for the second time was hard, but I managed to get back up faster than before in 1 hour 2 - finally getting a DOUBLE SUMMIT on this mountain. It was quite tracked by this stage, but I still managed to find fresh pow taking the safe route down through the trees. Great to get two lines from the peak here, but totally destroyed afterwards...

Friday it was out to Kamui with MH for an 11am start. On the skis today and we had a soft, spring session on the groomers. Starting to pick up some speed on two planks as well. Good times.

Sunday it was back to the Alpha Resort with MH for another session in the park. Started off by hiking the box, which I`ve been loving recently, until they got everything opened up. The top kicker had been taken out, but the rest of the park was in decent shape, so we did laps until we were good to go. Great weekend.

Tuesday put away the bodyboard and pulled out the surfboard (7-3) for the first time this year and got back into the swing of things quick (much quicker than I expected even!) The waves were chest-head high, clean and easy to ride. Surfed for an hour and a half - the first 45 were sweet and had some really good rides. The second 45 I spent waiting for my last wave to take me back to shore though. Unfortunately it took the whole 45 minutes to get it as I was cold, tired and my feet were numb. Walking back to the car was tough...

Photo by MH. Switch Boardslide by the Rooster.

Check out more at the RoosterCAST YouTube page.

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